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[BOOK REVIEW] Medical intrigue characterize local author’s novels

By stacychilds on August 3, 2015 in Books, Press, The Author

Book review by Sue Krall for the Steamboat Pilot & today

“Block 10”

by Stacy Childs, with David Niall Wilson

block10-homeOne of the many privileges of owning an independent bookstore is the opportunity to meet, talk to and read nationally acclaimed authors. For book geeks, this is the ultimate brush with fame. Even more exciting, however, is the discovery of writing talent right here in our small mountain community. Today I want to tell you about our own Stacy Childs and his two novels, “Block 10,” published last year, and his newest, “The Boys of the Dixie Pig.” Both stories fit into the medical thriller genre made popular by Robin Cook and Michael Crichton. This isn’t coincidental, as many of you know Dr. Childs in his other role as a physician and surgeon.

“Block 10,” written with David Niall Wilson, will grab anyone living here with its context in skiing. Childs’ main — and extremely well-developed — character is Luke Cooper, who had once been a world-class skier. After a horrific accident and long recovery, he refocuses his talents toward medicine, the professional discipline that allowed him to live productively and walk again. His cutting edge orthopedic surgeon and eventual mentor, Dr. Henri de Salvo, aids him, both physically and professionally. The setting is Dr. de Salvo’s clinic in the French Mediterranean city of Toulon. There is nothing like an opening chapter in which our protagonist arrives in Paris to begin his new career and is promptly and mysteriously arrested before even leaving the airport. From that first moment, the reader embarks on a journey of intrigue, science, crime and ethics, with enough sexiness and violence thrown in to keep anyone engaged. Take some free time this summer to read this one, as you won’t be able to put it down until you reach the thrilling and unforeseen conclusion. Don’t skip the afterword, which will rid you of any notions that the content is futuristic and unrealistic. If the book doesn’t keep you awake at night, the afterword will.

“The Boys of the Dixie Pig”

by Stacy Childs

DixiePigComingSoonChilds’ new novel, “The Boys of the Dixie Pig,” brings us back home to New Orleans, Abilene, Texas, Las Vegas and familiar Golden, Colorado. This is the story of five childhood friends — Donnie, Goody, Willie, Mack and Ace — bonded by their Texas upbringing and reunited for an opportunity of a lifetime. They call themselves “the troughers” after the pig trough of a banana split they used to share at their favorite dive, The Dixie Pig, a real restaurant in Texas. The author, again, brings his talent for character development and descriptive setting to his story, and that is what draws the reader in. Dr. Ace Strain gathers his old buddies to let them in on his cryonic enterprise. It is the twist and turns and unyielding action that really cues you in on what Ace means by “letting you in” on his business. Again, scholarly background informs the medical aspects of this thriller, and again, we are not brought into a futuristic fantasy, but real ethical situations. This is another quick and compelling read from our own Dr. Stacy Childs, a true talent in our own community.

Sue Krall is owner of Off the Beaten Path Bookstore.

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